Ancient paper that is writing page is a site web page

Ancient paper that is writing page is a site web page

These pages is a reference web web page, built to offer you pictures from our stock and our personal collection in addition to resources to assist you find out about the fascinating reputation for the written word.

Take note; there’s been much debate about whom created composing. Some say the Egyptians did while some the Sumerian, but did they? Exactly just just What do we really classify as writing? The first Egyptian and writing that is sumerian from „Pictographs” or pictures that represented terms of expression. So. whom is state it began here because of the Egyptians or Sumerians, cave paintings extends back tens of thousands of years early in the day and early represent mans tries to express himself. Graffiti adorns many of our city walls, so can this be yet another form of writing today?

So peruse through these pages with a available brain, do a little further research yourself and choose for yourself where all of it started.

You will find „Questions” at the end of a number of the parts. They are here to encourage you to definitely get and research additional information on that specific subject. The word into your search engine and see where it takes you to start with simply type. If you have stuck or want to learn more call us.

Center English from Old English word „writan” meaning to scratch, draw, inscribe. similar to Old High German „rizan” meaning to tear or the Greek „rhine” meaning to file or rasp.

To make on a area with a musical instrument

To create (as terms) by inscribing figures or symbols for an area

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